PureSystems overview

With IT—both business and private – now playing an ever greater role in our day‐to‐day lives, it is becoming the central driving force behind innovation and the foundation for business success. IT must therefore operate flexibly, be able to meet changing requirements, meet the high expectations of users who are familiar with IT, the internet and mobile apps, and overcome the budget constraints taxed with rising utility costs and management complexities. That means there is no longer any room for complex and rigid IT environments. IT must operate as utility from which users themselves derive their own functionality. Therein steps PureSystems to deliver comprehensive data center solutions with fully integrated resources that are virtualized from end‐to‐end.

Focus Areas:

Next Generation of Blades & Blade Center: IBM Flex System is aimed at organizations that want to use the latest technology while maintaining control of the system composition. The Flex portfolio represents the foundation of the PureSystems architecture which will span for the next 10 years and beyond. With 50% more memory capacity, 3x more dedicated storage per each compute node, 50% decrease in network latency, and 4x network fabric bandwidth improvement, enables Flex to migrate the bottlenecks and challenges that IT currently faces.

Infrastructure as a Service: IBM PureFlex combines compute nodes, storage, networking, virtualization and management within a single management console in a single infrastructure. It’s the only platform that enables IT to completely virtualized heterogeneous workloads (x86, Linux, UNIX, AIX, iOS) and effectively assess/predict resource requirements to optimize the infrastructure. IT can now recapture up to 50% of management, utilities, and latency costs to reapply in innovation.

Private Cloud: IBM PureFlex has been designed with cloud computing in mind; delivered with Smart‐Cloud Entry software. With cloud support for multiple operating systems and hypervisors, PureFlex supports thousands of applications with cloud technology. Computing, storage and networking have been merged into a single system pool of dynamically allocated resources, allowing optimum utilization of IT resources. IT SLA’s are expedited in minutes as authorized LOBs leverage rapid deployment of workload environments based on predefined and proven best practice business patterns.