In today’s rapidly changing data center environments, pressure to control costs and meet the ever shorter project schedules, are made more complicated because of a severe shortage in Mainframe Information Technology Professionals. The resulting challenges require new, innovative and cost efficient approaches to obtaining the personnel required to successfully deliver projects. Increasingly, data center managers have turned to contract personnel. Global Software Consultants will provide the exceptional expertise required to get the job done. Using Global Software Consultants will allow the client the autonomy that they need to focus on their core business while we provide the quality IT services they need to grow and prosper.

Fredrick Towns, President / CEO


Fredrick Towns is one of three principals in Global Software Consultants. He began his career as an assistant manager in the human resources department of SPG Energy, a NYSE diversified energy company with business units in oil and gas exploration, onshore drilling, oil refining and natural gas processing, retail gasoline stations, gas appliance manufacturing, propane distribution and central station alarm services.

After working his way up to Director of Human Resources and then to Vice President, Officer of the Corporation and Member of the Executive Committee, Fred, as he is commonly known created and managed a full service human resources department responsible for all divisional human resources activity. He repeated this when redesigning the structure of the corporate human resources department ranging from regulatory compliance, EEOC management, discrimination case management, labor relations management, drug testing management, employee benefits plan design and compliance, to the creation and chair of the HAY compensation committee.

Fred brings 30+ years of human resources and business executive experience to the company. As a senior corporate officer, advisor and business owner he has guided corporate pensions, benefits, compensation, personnel, labor relations, training and executive search activity for a multi-billion dollar national NYSE diversified energy company.
Most recently, Fred has owned and operated a private financial planning practice with an emphasis on making a difference for families.

Marvin McAnderson, Vice President / CFO


Mr. McAnderson is one of three principals in Global Software Consultants. He has more than 35 years experience in the Information Technology industry. As a former IBM technical professional he has numerous achievements in the area of information systems, including computer programming, analysis, design and installation of major software applications and Project Management at all levels. He has made major contributions to the computer operations of several Fortune 500 companies. Because of his vast knowledge of hardware, software and the various languages and platforms involved in data processing, along with his experience designing, building, installing, re-engineering, evaluating and recommending various software packages and maintaining systems of all types and sizes and cost analysis, Mr. McAnderson has assumed the role of Chief Financial Officer.

During his career Marvin, as he is commonly known served as Vice President of Quality Systems Products (QSP) and Optimum Data Systems Corporation (ODSC), two startup IT consulting firms. Marvin also served as Assistant Vice President, Information Technology Infrastructure at Bank of America Corporation. He has provided technical expertise and advises to several national firms in different industries including transportation, gas and oil, financial and Tele-communications. Marvin has worked on projects that have included the design and installation of major software applications to the relocation of a major telephone company’s application software from California to Florida. Marvin has also worked as a Systems Engineer for a private software development company providing pre and post technical sales support for major clients in Brasília, D.F., Brazil, Beijing, China, Singapore, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Marvin has extensive knowledge of the z/OS and OS/390 environments and all of its components through both formal education and hands on experience.

David Hale, Vice President / CIO


Mr. Hale is one of three principles in Global Software Consultants. He has more than 35 years of expertise in the Information Technology industry. David has worked for IBM for 30 years, he has served in a variety of I/T roles and many I/T experiences such as principal I/T consultant for Wells Fargo bank, Senior Consultant for South Korean Telecom and American Express Financial in South America. David was Team Leader for the IBM, “IMS” Product Support Representatives.

Dave, as he is commonly known has worked for many different organizations in his extensive career, from a private enterprise small business, to a large domestic telecommunications provider, and multinational telecommunications providers, large government organizations, school districts, national and international banks. The technical expertise received from these consulting opportunities is immense. David has been involved in several High Availability studies for large financial institutions, these studies involve analyzing the applications, the database environments, as well as the hardware and software that run the environment. Analyzing the outages as well as the processes supporting the Infrastructure was also part of the High Availability studies.

David has and extensive knowledge of disaster recovery and installing new IMS/CICS/DBRC systems. David has over thirty years of extensive education in the technical and Professional areas to stay abreast of the new developments that continually occur in this industry.

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