Cognos Business Intelligence

Organizations are facing highly evolving competitive environments. In these fragmented, intricate and data-rich settings it is no longer sufficient to make decisions based solely on partial information, historical data or gut instincts. To gain a competitive advantage, organizations need to be able to make accurate and timely decisions when presented with new challenges.

Due to these complex environments, organizations deal with inconsistent data and inaccurate information and as a result managers are basing decisions on multiple versions of the truth. This presents a huge risk to decision making and overall performance. Being unable to pass information and insight across departments prevents an organization from making the best possible strategic decisions.

IBM Cognos Business Intelligence (BI) supports decision-making by giving a consistent view of information cross-company in a highly efficient, intuitive and effective manner. IBM Cognos BI empowers users within the organization by enabling them to gain insight, forecast results and make smarter decisions.

IBM Cognos BI provides a multi-dimensional view of the data which allows for insight on past, present and future information. IBM Cognos BI assists users in understanding, monitoring and managing corporate performance through standard and ad-hoc reporting and analysis, dash boarding, queries, notifications about anomalies and score carding.